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Feedback From MBH

26 March 2019

Feedback from MindBody Harmony
Feedback from MindBody Harmony

New MBH series Begins

13 March 2019

April 5th and the following 3 Friday’s there after. MindBody Harmony An Energy Healing Sound Bath back to tune you up. Relax.

Meditate with the group of healing intended individuals. It’s scientifically proven that group intention works wonders!

Go to to register

Or call me

An energy healing sound bath

04 January 2019

Will you join Me
Will you join Me

For Four Friday’s in February $40

Think group meditation, distance energy healing, crystalbowl concert all in one.

A great one to end the week, a lovely adjunct to your recovery, an almost effortless addition to your self care.

Held at Madrona Mindbody Institute Fort Worden. Call or register online mindbody harmony

Raise The Level Of Consciousness In You Home

01 June 2018

Focused Life Force Energy

Click on the link above to find out how to make your surroundings more peaceful and conducive to healing & raising the level of consciousness.

I am a subscriber and it adds to the peaceful and grounded feeling you get when walking into my home or work space.

Client Feedback

09 May 2018

Blooming wild Rhody season
Blooming wild Rhody season

I scheduled an appointment with Deborah Wood to alleviate stress. The massage I received included several modalities. I have had massages in various places over the years. With the exception of a session In once had from a Reiki master. I enjoyed this massage the most. I discovered that I was carrying way too much stress and it left me in waves as she drew out tension and negativity . At the end I felt refreshed, renewed and ready to enjoy life. I am grateful and have already scheduled another session. 

Whats my superpower?

04 May 2018

Wishes of awakening
Wishes of awakening


New Online Booking Option

02 May 2018

Please take advantage of my online booking option. In June ‘18 an option to pay online before the appointment will be available as well.

I currently receive prior payment through PayPal (

You may also complete your intake form online before you come in if you’re a new client.

See my pricing page and my offerings page for links.

I Invite You To The Healing Temple

08 September 2017

Work Exclusively At Madrona MindBody Institute

11 August 2017

As well as my regular house calls.

A Body Work Treatment For The Heart

01 July 2016

90 minute session for heart mending and opening.

Nurturing massage combined with energy work essential oils for the heart, crystals, acupressure and more. Intended for those dealing with grief, loss, sadness, and dispair. When those negative emotions persist disease more easily takes hold.

The heart chakra is the bridge between the upper and lower body. A strong and balanced heart center nurtures happy healthy relationships with ones self and others.

Not intended as a medical treatment. Recommended to be received in conjunction with other prescribed treatments.

Earned Certification As Trained Doula

18 May 2016

Doula Training Certificate
Doula Training Certificate

Client Feedback

10 May 2016

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I how much I appreciated the cranial sacral work I had done last Friday (my first) and how much it helped in loosening up my neck...  It was a wonderful comforting feeling having my head held and the ever so slight adjustments made throughout the hour....  My only regret is that it all went by so quickly....  Many thanks again to Deborah for the session...

Pregnancy Massage

07 March 2016

Ease aches and reduce water retention and anxiety for a more comfortable pregnancy and birthing experience
Ease aches and reduce water retention and anxiety for a more comfortable pregnancy and birthing experience

Feedback From Winner Of The Monthly Massage Drawing

04 September 2015

Fabulous work after a severe head trauma.  The universe gifted me with winning the August drawing of a massage at Madrona Mind Body.  What a great surprise to have a cranial sacral appointment with Debra Wood.  I feel better today as a result of Debra’s healing touch. 


Another Happy Client

04 September 2015

OH Boy do I feel better after a massage from Deborah today.  Thank you Deborah and Madrona for providing massage services and for making getting an appointment so easy!


Cranial Sacral Workshop

19 July 2015

Deborah attended another clinical workshop improving upon her cranial sacral skills. "I always return inspired and excited to do this work!"


19 July 2015

Rod was very pleased with his massage.  His back muscles relaxed enough to relieve the worst of his pain.  We left the park about 3 hours after and drove 2 hours home.  He was walking so much better by the time we got home.  He is still doing quite well today and will see his chiropractor on Monday.


He wants to thank Deborah again and to tell her in crabbing terms, "she's a keeper".  We will not be back up to Port Townsend until next summer, but will try to come in again.

Monthly Drawing For Free Massage

30 June 2015

Every month on the 25th Deborah draws a name from entries received to give a free massage in honor and gratitude to The Divine. Started in October of 2014. To enter your name send an email or text or sign up in person at Madrona MindBody Institute. Winners have the preceding month to receive their free massage. After that month is over if they did not redeem it is forfeited. One free massage per year per person. The name of the winner is posted on Stone Feather Healing Arts Facebook page.